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New Chapel for OTI
(Monday October 31 , 2016 10:16 AM)


We have 75 students on campus, comprising of 55 boys and 20 girls. Every single bed in the dormitories has been filled. So we are now in urgent need of a dormitory to house 25 students, so that we can train 100 students every year. Given the effort we make to effectively train the students, we believe that raising the accommodation capacity to a 100 will help us to maximize the utilization of the resources. The chapel hall of OTI is currently housed on the ground floor of the men's hostel block. It is a makeshift arrangement. We are earnestly praying for a new chapel so that the present hall can be converted to a dormitory.


I therefore put forward this appeal, believing that you will help us achieve our two fold objective i.e to provide for additional dormitory space for men and to provide for a new Chapel that will help provide space for the trainees to participate in worship, fasting prayers, missionary challenges and Sunday services.

What do we propose?

The first floor of the dining hall is at present open. This gives a wonderful site for a Chapel large enough to seat the whole community. The Chapel has been designed by Mr. Sunny Joseph. The drawing below indicates the general style of the Chapel. The plans have been approved, the working drawings have been made and the cost has been estimated at Rs. 40 lacs. The money we already have, nearly 10 lacs, is enough to make a start. While this is being done, we pray that the Lord will enable us to complete the building with the contributions of friends like you who have stood with my father in faith, prayer and support all these years.

What do we need?

We need your prayers. We also need your financial support. We would be grateful if some of our friends would make larger contributions, but of even greater value may be smaller gifts, depending on what you are able to contribute to the Lord's work.

Other Development Projects
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Men's Hostel (Tuesday August 27 , 2013 12:58 PM)
[Men's Today the Men’s hostel at OTI houses 55 students. Our vision is to provide training to hundred men every year. Please join us in prayer and support as we plan for an extension of the Men’s hostel (2000 square feet) so that we can accommodate another 20 students....
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