Alumni In Action
Zonal Alumni meet at Thiruvalla (Monday June 12 , 2017 14:09 PM)

Pr. Manu Russel shared God's word and encoureged the Alumni  ...

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In The Valley Of Gods And Goddesses... For The Sake Of The Gospel (Friday March 15 , 2013 13:10 PM)

When I started to write this, my memory went back to the early days of my spiritual life and the way in which God moulded me to be in His service. I thank God for His great call and selection. My wife Sherly and I responded to His call and committed our lives to His great ministry a few years back. Olive Theological Institute played a vital...

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Dishon Lepcha, Our Alumnus Shares His Testimony (Saturday October 27 , 2012 10:01 AM)

I'm Dishon from Darjeeling, West Bengal. It is my privilege to be an alumni of NBC, an institution that has been serving the Lord through teaching, moulding and equipping future leaders of God's kingdom for the past 26 years or more. I joined N. B. C. in 2008 for the B. Th. Program. When I came to Kerala, I did not have a specific goal...

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At OTI, I got the vision for ministry in North India. (Saturday November 5 , 2016 16:40 PM)

I was born in an orthodox Christian family in Kottayam, Kerala. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour while I was 12 years old. I studied in OTI in the year 1989. It was here that I got the vision for ministry in North India. I was moulded and equipped for His vineyard. Many times I was challenged by the testimonies of missionaries and...

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To Know Him More and More.. (Saturday November 5 , 2016 16:39 PM)

My name is Mr. V C Jacob. I met Jesus in the year of 2000 during a fasting prayer at my home. My parents accepted Christ and used to conduct prayer meetings at home. I studied in OTI along with my wife. It was a period of not just studying, rather, a time of character formation in relation to God. I was taught that a real servant of God is...

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At OTI, I experienced who Jesus is (Saturday November 5 , 2016 16:37 PM)

I am from Kunnathur Taluk in Kollam District of Kerala. I was born and brought up in a middle class Christian family. After my studies, I entered into ministry with the Orthodox Church because my mother wanted me to become a Priest. But in the course of time, my life turned towards the world and I strived to get a job and money. I got many...

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Saved by His Grace (Thursday November 3 , 2016 11:32 AM)

I am Ajesh N. O. I am an alumnus of OTI (class of 2011). I was born and brought up in a hindu orthodox family. When I was one, my father abandoned us. Afterwards, our life was one of misery and pain. We stayed in my mother's paternal house. It was an extended family, with three families living under the same roof. We faced poverty, harassment...

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Called to Serve the Master (Saturday February 28 , 2015 14:58 PM)

At OTI, we have support staff who sacrificially give their talents and time for ministry because they love the Lord and His people. Our dear brother Jibin is no different. Jibin was born in a Christian family. Infact, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 13. His father is a Pastor. He used to accompany his...

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Bro. Jaimon Shares his Testimony (Monday January 26 , 2015 10:52 AM)

My name is Jaimon. Though I was born and brought up in a Christian family, I did not know Jesus personally. I accepted Him in the year of 1998 through a Vacation Bible School programme. Infact, I had a heated argument with the uncle who came to share the Gospel. But he made me understand that Jesus is indeed the Savior of the world. He also...

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Saved to Reach Out…… Bro. Purushotham Bagh (Final Year M.Div Student) shares his story (Friday December 5 , 2014 09:58 AM)

My name is Purushotham Bagh. I am from the state of Chattisgargh. I came to know about Jesus through my parents. But I never had a personal encounter with Him. While I was doing my 12th grade, I was severely affected by Typhoid. I was hospitalized for more than thirty days. It was a battle between life and death. The doctors were helpless. I...

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Bro. Arun Shares his Testimony with Us (Monday December 1 , 2014 10:50 AM)

My name is Arun A. S. I am the eldest son in my family. I have a younger brother. I was born in a nominal Christian family, but brought up in a pentecostal one. When I was born, a hindu astrologer told my grandfather that I would not make it to my fifth birthday. My family was distraught and they prayed toGod.As my fifth birthday drew close, my...

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Pray for Cambodia (Wednesday October 1 , 2014 11:26 AM)

I came to know of the evangelistic needs of Cambodia through a friend. Cambodia has a horrific past of violence and corruption. This traumatic devastation has left the nation with a population of nearly 50% under the age of 25. Although the Good News is being shared in this predominantly buddhist nation (94.4%), there are still around 9000...

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God’s Ways are Higher than Ours (Monday August 11 , 2014 12:40 PM)

  M.K. Viswanathan, the Mission Coordinator at OTI shares his testimony.   God told Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion”. (Rom 9:15).   I was born in a Hindu family and was raised up worshipping the gods my parents sought after. But I...

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I was rejected by my family I am accepted by God. (Tuesday June 10 , 2014 13:38 PM)

I am Shaji Raj. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. At home I have my parents, a brother and a sister. I am the youngest in my family. My father is an active member of the CSI Church. My mother was a Hindu before her marriage. Her father was a Hindu priest. From my childhood itself, I got the privilege to attend Sunday school. My...

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Update from OTI (Monday May 12 , 2014 10:15 AM)

Dear friends,   After a small break, we are all back on OTI campus, preparing and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our dear students. We have an enthusiastic team working together, preparing course plans, putting final touches to the building repairs, scheduling interview sessions and orienting new faculty.   This year,...

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Bro. David John Shares his Testimony (Monday January 13 , 2014 15:41 PM)

Hello Friends,   I was born and brought up at Uduppi in Karnataka (a state in South India). My parents and brother live there now. I completed the 2 year Diploma program at OTI in 2003. My wife Leena (also an alumnus of OTI) and I are currently serving the Lord with the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India as evangelists. I have...

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Bijumon Shares His Testimony (Monday December 9 , 2013 11:51 AM)

My name is Bijumon. I belong to Chettukuzhi village in the Idukki district of Kerala.   On May 3rd, 1993, I attended a youth conference in Tiruvalla. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour during the meetings and dedicated my life for full-time ministry. In 1996, I was encouraged by a member of our church to study at OTI. ...

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In the Valley of gods and goddesses…for the sake of the Gospel (Wednesday November 13 , 2013 11:10 AM)

“……He counted us faithful and appointed us to His service". (1Tim. 1:12b)   When I started to write this, my memory went back to the early days of my spiritual life and the way in which God moulded me to be in His service. I thank God for His great call and selection. My wife Sherly and I responded to His...

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Habel Ratheesh, our Alumnus is making a difference (Wednesday November 13 , 2013 10:54 AM)

Hello Friends,   Greetings to all of you in the precious name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I am Habel Ratheesh. I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior in 2005 during a youth meeting conducted by Missions India at Navajeevodayam Bible College in Tiruvalla. After having known Him...

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Update from our Alumnus (Wednesday November 13 , 2013 10:51 AM)

Warm Greetings to all of you.    My name is Ruth Mary Thomas. I belong to a family of 5. I have two sisters. I was privileged to be born into a Christian family. My father is a Pastor. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour when I was 8 years old. When I entered 10th grade, I committed my life for full time missionary work....

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Aby George Shares his Testimony (Wednesday November 13 , 2013 10:49 AM)

Hello friends,    I am Aby George. I am from Thattekkani village in Idukki district of Kerala. My wife Renny and I have 2 children, Ann and Joshua. Both Renny and I were trained at OTI in 2000 & 2001 respectively.   After my graduation I joined St. Pauls Mission of India (a mission agency) as a missionary. The...

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Report from Bro. Jovin George (Wednesday November 13 , 2013 10:38 AM)

Hello friends,   I am Jovin George. I belong to a small town called Ayur in Kollam district in Kerala. My parents live there. My only brother Jacob lives in Pathanamthitta.   I was born and brought up by Christian parents. However, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. After my schooling, I boarded the...

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Turn a Purposeless Life to a Meaningful One (Wednesday November 13 , 2013 10:29 AM)

Hello friends,   My name is Anil Kumar. I am so happy to have received this opportunity to share my testimony with all of you.   I was born a hindu in a village in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. As a child my mother used to take me to a temple ‘owned’ by my family. My father was a...

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