Christian Spirituality And Media Revolution: Spirituality And Communication (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:18 PM)

Mr. Santhosh John*   Introduction Christian Spirituality or Christian life consists in the life of committed response in faith as persons, community and peoples. Theology of communication is basically based on the Biblical truth in which God is central to the concept. The electronic media and information communipcation...

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Media Revolution And Social Development: An Appraisal In The Perspective Of Christian Spirituality (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:15 PM)

Mr. Jalal S. L.* Abstract Over the past few centuries, an enormous change happened in the social life of people through the influence of media. The present social development which we see is based not only upon the scientific advancements, but also upon the massive impact which happened through the media and its revolution....

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Youth: Media Influence And Spirituality (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:14 PM)

Dr. Sakhi Athyal* Introduction: Spirituality When we consider the spiritual development of young people, what do we mean by the word spirituality? It is usually thought by us Christians how we teach the word, how they learn to pray and so on.  But this is not the only part of spirituality.  If we want a definition of...

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Contemporary Media And The Youth (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:11 PM)

Mr. Binu C. P.* I. Introduction In the 20th century the world witnessed the emergence and faster development of new communication systems than any other era in the history with the coming of the internet. The widespread permeation of the internet and the creation of the WWW (World Wide Web) and digital forms of communications...

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Investigators And Newsmakers: Then And Now (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:09 PM)

Mr. Justus S.* The premier investigative police agency in India is the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). CBI is directly under the jurisdiction of the Government of India. When a particular State Government asks the help of CBI, the Central Government may extend its jurisdiction to any area beyond Delhi. A criticism against CBI is that...

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Subaltern Space In Media Revolution (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:07 PM)

  Mr. Viju Wilson* Introduction The media, both print and electronic, play an important role in shaping lifestyle, opinions, perspectives and public discourses in our society. Technological changes taken place in the media communication have altered the pattern of the transmission of news, information and knowledge. It is true...

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Digitization And Social Media Revolution: Training Prospects And Spiritual Formational Challenges In Theological Schools (Wednesday November 16 , 2016 16:03 PM)

Dr. Jessy Jaison*, Ph D 1. Introduction Digitization and social media have shaped our lives in ways we never ever imagined. Having overcome the local confinements, theological education is now rapidly venturing out to the world of inestimable resources and networks in the global context. What to say? Technological changes in the society...

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Think Sustainably to be Eco-friendly, Interview with Dr. George Samuel, Value Educationist (Monday July 8 , 2013 15:22 PM)

1. Why are ecological issues important in Biblical context? Ans.:  We see in Rom. I: 19-21 that the entire creation suffered when sin came into the world. Sin has caused all creation to fall from the    perfect state in which it was created. The world has in a way, physically deteriorated since then. Man who is supposed to...

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