Why the name Olive?

What courses does OTI offer that makes it distinct from other colleges?

Who can apply?

How do I apply to OTI?

What are OTI's strengths?

Is OTI denominational?

Do the lecturers have any experience of the real world and real ministry?

How are OTI students nurtured in spiritual discipline?

Which program should I study?

Can I get credit for courses/programmes I have completed at another Bible / Theological College?

What is the uniqueness of the M.Div. program at OTI?

Is it possible to come into the office to meet with someone about class and degree options?

What are your fees?

Are all your programmes accredited by ATA?

Is OTI affiliated to any University?

Do you offer any scholarships to students?

Is it possible to undertake a one-year programme at OTI?

What are the admission requirements for the Dip Th, BTh and MDiv?

Can I study for a degree with OTI by distance?

Can I study part-time at OTI?

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Why the name Olive?

Olives are truly a universal food, marinated in the richness of history. It is the oldest cultivated tree on the planet, and the olive tree is so hardy it can potentially live for thousands of years. The Dove carrying an Olive branch is an immortal symbol for peace dating back to the beginning of recorded time. The olive is so fundamental to the human race that the word 'oil', in multiple languages, ultimately derives from the word olive. The Hebrew word for "olive tree" is es shemen, which literally means "tree of oil." It is from a primitive root meaning "to shine." It means "richness, anointing, fat, fruitful, oil, ointment, olive." It is related to the word shemesh, "to be brilliant," and which also is the Hebrew word for the "sun," that brightly shining orb in the sky.

Another Hebrew word for "olive" is zayith, meaning "an olive," as "yielding illuminating oil." Its related to the word ziv, meaning "to be prominent," "brightness." Ziv is the month of flowers, corresponding to Iyar, or our April-May.

On the outside, the olive tree may seem like any other tree, rather ordinary in appearance and size - some might say even a little bit "ugly," and at certain seasons of the year even a little "messy," with olives littering the ground beneath the tree!

Says the Encyclopedia Judaica, "There are trees in Israel estimated to be 1,000 years old that still produce fruit. In old age the tree becomes hollow but the trunk continues to grow thicker, at times achieving a circumference of 20 feet" ("Olive," vol.12, page 1363). Says the authoritative source, "It is an evergreen, and the righteous who take refuge in the protection of God are compared to it."

Interestingly, if the trunk is cut down, the shoots from its roots continue to grow, ensuring its continued existence.

Out of the three trees mentioned in relation to the land in Deuteronomy 8:8, the olive is the most widely planted. There are about 25 references to the olive tree and more than 160 references to the oil. Olive oil had four main uses in Bible days: as food, for illumination, as ointment, and in the manufacture of soap Olive oil was a daily commodity for the children of Israel and this importance is reflected in several verses. Disobedience to God would result in a loss of the olive crop (Deuteronomy 28:40). The oil honored both God and men (Judges 9:9) and was a component of the anointing oil of the high priest (Exodus 30:24). Large supplies of oil were a sign of prosperity Olives are very attractive trees as indicated in Hosea 14:6 and Psalm 128:3. The first reference to the olive is to the leaf (Genesis 8:11). By seeing the leaf, Noah knew that he could now establish a race in the "new earth". In Bible days, olives were often grown directly from the sprouts. The olive farmer would select sprouts from his best trees, carefully remove them, and plant them where they would be carefully tended. Psalm 128:3 may be a reference to this practice-"your sons will be like olive shoots round your table". Now tell us, what better name to put for our Institution that has put its motto in the following line: 'Grow in Christ likeness and in His wisdom.'

What courses does OTI offer that makes it distinct from other colleges?

At the M.Div level, OTI offers specialization in Mission, Philosophy & Christian Apologetics, Systematic Theology, New Testament, Ministry and Religion. Specialization provides for thorough preparation if you are considering doctoral study in a particular field. Some of our highlighted courses are:

MS 426 Evangelism & Social Responsibility
MS 427 Women in Mission
PP 322 Philosophy of Religion
PA 321 Historical Jesus and Contemporary Debates
PP 323 Metaphysics and Epistemology
TT 223 Historical Theology
TT 224 Contemporary Christology
TE 221 Trinitarian Foundation for Christian Ethics
TT 226 Faith & Reason
BL 121 Advanced New Testament Greek
BN 122 New Testament Exegesis
BN 124 New Testament Criticism Interpretation
MM432 The Gospel and Holistic Ministry
MM433 Globalization and Mission
MM434 Children at Risk
MM435 Formation of Emerging Leaders
MM436 Developing Giftedness in Leaders
MM437 Marriage & Family Counselling
TR 222 Christian Witness in the Hindu World
TR 223 Evangelicals and Interfaith Dialogue
TR 225 Developing Communities in Muslim Contexts

Who can apply?

Candidates who seek admission to OTI must have:

  • Completed 18 years of age as on the 31st March of the year of application
  • Been born again
  • A definite call and clear conviction that they are called to Christian service
  • A desire and willingness to be prepared for effective Christian ministry
  • A reasonable proficiency in the English language. All candidates are required to take an Entrance exam to test English competence. Based on the performance in the test, candidates may be required to take remedial English courses

How do I apply to OTI?

Contact our Admissions Office

What are OTI's strengths?

An integrated curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to help you see the connections between the various disciplines of Christian knowledge, and between theology and everyday life and ministry in the real world.

A Pioneer in the evangelization of India for the last 25 years. The Evangelise India Fellowship, the parent Organization was incepted in 1964. OTI has been directly involved in cross cultural ministry and church planting through its partnership with established missionary agencies in India.

Well qualified faculty. Our Faculty have had substantial ministry at the coal face and in the real world. In addition several well-known Bible teachers visit OTI each year from around the world to teach short courses.

Fully computerized library. OTI lIbrary has a strong base in mission studies, besides ample resources in Biblical Studies, Theology, History, Counseling and Religion. The Library also provides access to electronic journals available on the web.

AV enabled classrooms. Our classrooms are designed to provide the perfect ambience for individual and corporate learning. WiFi and AV support is also given.

Affordable fees. Even as we provide the best in training, facilities and ministerial opportunity, we believe that everyone has the right to an affordable quality education.

Placement after successful completion. We provide placement assistance to students who successfully complete the programmes upon proven leadership skills and commitment.

Is OTI denominational?

No. We stand for evangelical Christian faith. Our current students are members of CSI, CNI, Mar Thoma, Pentecostal, Baptist, and other Christian denominations. congregations which are not affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. Only about 15% of our students are ordination candidates for Ministry. We are conscious that many of our students will fill various non-ordained roles or work in denominational or non-denominational context - and we seek to prepare them for this.

Do the lecturers have any experience of the real world and real ministry?

Yes. All our full-time faculty members have engaged in pastoral ministry and /or mission field outreach before entering theological study ministry. Between them, two of them have ministered in Churches and four of them have had exposure in mission outreach in North India in addition to their experience in teaching theology to students.

How are OTI students nurtured in spiritual discipline?

In addition to OTI's course offerings, the Ministry Department hosts:

  • Daily Chapel Services
  • Sunday Worship Services
  • Special Missionary Chapels
  • Personal Meditations
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Fellowship Meetings, Youth Camps and Deeper Life Conferences
  • Family Prayers, Morning and Evening Devotions
  • Fasting Prayers
  • Mission Challenges and Evangelism Seminars
  • Mentorship Groups

Which program should I study?

This depends on who you are and how you hope to serve in the future. For example, if you are a graduate wishing to do higher studies in Theological disciplines, you will have to complete Master of Divinity in any specialization track of your choice. If you wish to pursue ordination, many Christian denominations would expect you among other things to have completed either the Bachelor of Theology or Master of Divinity. On the other hand, if you are a Christian who wants to be better equipped to serve God and His people while remaining in your current area of work, then the Diploma of Theology would often be more suitable. If you are unsure, please contact us and also consult with your pastor.

Can I get credit for courses/programmes I have completed at another Bible / Theological College?

Possibly. This depends on the college you have previously studied with and the level of the courses/ units you took. Students who leave an accredited programme and apply to our institution can be admitted on the following conditions:

  • You must secure a No Objection Certificate from the institution that you are leaving.
  • Advanced credit for the work already done is not automatic. If the two programmes are comparable -with regard to entrance requirements, graduation requirements, Faculty qualifications etc., advanced credit will be granted for those completed courses that correspond to courses in our curriculum. Please submit applications and any queries to the OTI Registrar - registrar@oti.org.in

What is the uniqueness of the M.Div. program at OTI?

The Master of Divinity program at OTI is a comprehensive graduate theological program that is designed to prepare students for full-time service in the church of Jesus Christ. The curriculum is designed to instruct students in the study of theology in its widest sense, so that they may grow in the knowledge of God, discover and develop their God-given gifts and become persons with passion and desire to evangelize through clear and winsome biblical exposition, outreach, and mission service. Uniqueness:

  • The program gives an enhanced preparation to students who are considering higher studies and a teaching career in one of the areas of specialization offered.
  • The program provides the church with pastors and other leaders who have highly developed skills in specific areas of ministry, theology, spirituality and the Bible.
  • The program prepares students to take up ministerial positions of pastor, church youth worker, social worker in a church related agency, teacher in elementary mission schools, church music director, organist, library assistant, Bible translator and much more.
  • M.Div specializations provide more thorough preparation for students who are considering doctoral study in a particular field and allows for more specialized study in a particular area related to a student's ministry interests and calling.

Is it possible to come into the office to meet with someone about class and degree options?

Yes, you can arrange a visit by emailing our Admissions Assistant at assistant@oti.org.in, or schedule a visit by giving us a call on 0469 2636041.

What are your fees?

See Fee Structure for information on our current fees.

Are all your programmes accredited by ATA?

Yes. Students taking any of our programme full-time - Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity are eligible for ATA accredited degrees provided they meet the graduation requirements.

Is OTI affiliated to any University?

No, not yet.

Do you offer any scholarships to students?

Deserving candidates receive financial assistance through work scholarships. This is the only scholarship/subsidy available.

Is it possible to undertake a one-year programme at OTI?

Normally no. However special consideration is given to mature candidates who would like to take preliminary courses that will help them to be effective in Christian ministry even as they continue in their area of work.

What are the admission requirements for DipTh, BTh and MDiv?

Check out our Admissions page.

Can I study for a degree with OTI by distance?

Unfortunately not now. It's our belief that theological training for ministry in the real world best takes place in the context of community and relationships that are lived out in person. Distance training can help to some degree, and for a small number of people, this might be the only realistic option. Therefore we will be going forward in this direction soon.

Can I study part-time at OTI?

No. If you believe that you ought to be doing theological training for your present and/or future ministry, we would strongly encourage you to consider studying with us full-time if at all possible. For this reason, we have designed our programmes such as the MDiv and BTh to provide the best possible training for those who take them full-time. If you are with us full-time, it is also easier to be fully involved in and benefit from the life of our Christian community. Moreover, full-time study enables you to be more single-mindedly focused on your training in God's Word and for His work, with fewer distractions and other priorities to juggle.

Still have questions?

Contact Anne at anne.samuels@hotmail.com

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