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As we look at the rapidly changing modern world, we realize the importance of developing the character and behavior of the people who reside in it. Many of us are under the impression it is technological developments that enable us to lead a comfortable life. Of course, we do make progress in many areas. But it is a known fact that man's character and conduct is not catching up with the pace of technology.

You may have heard the story of some anti-social elements in England who tried to remove those nuts and bolts that held the railway tracks. One remedial measure suggested was to educate these people hoping that knowledge would prevent them from repeating the crime. But one wise man commented, "Now they only know how to remove the nuts and bolts. If more knowledge is imparted, they will know enough to remove the entire rails". Yes, knowledge without character is useless and dangerous! When the inclination of the heart is in the wrong direction, people use the knowledge they possess, for the wrong reasons. In order to keep away from the harmful uses of knowledge, a transformation in the heart is essential, since man is inclined to do evil, if left to himself.

We believe that the message of the Gospel can be a means to change the heart's attitude. We also believe that a right relationship with the living Christ can change a person from what he is by nature, to what he can be, by the grace and will of God. The living Christ enables one to make possible, the seemingly impossible. When a person is brought into right relationship in the spiritual dimension, we believe that it is possible to restore his relationships in all other areas.

Today, the Gospel is misunderstood not only because of the bad testimony of those who call themselves Christians, but also due to the wrong methods of communication that ignores the thought forms and backgrounds of the people at large. At Olive Theological Institute, we take up the responsibility to equip our students to communicate the precious message in understandable terms considering various social, cultural, linguistic and religious aspects. Here we need to give the "water of life" to the Indian people in the "Indian cup". We try to preserve our indigenous forms as far as possible and as long as they are not contrary to the Word of God.

We also believe that the communicator needs to behave like Jesus with regard to his character, with God's love being the motivating factor. We try to impart training with these aspects in mind and provide opportunity for our students for both class room and field training

We heartily welcome you to O.T.I. and hope that your time with us will be one of great blessing and empowerment.

Dr. George Samuel

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