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The library at OTI presently has over 15,600 books, and adds 500 books every year. It has a strong base in mission studies, besides ample resources in Biblical Studies, Theology, History, Counseling and Religion. About 50 national and international scholarly Journals are subscribed every year and held as back issues. The Library also provides access to electronic journals available on the web. The library is computerized using ChazLib Software and the library catalogue is available online (OPAC- Online Public Access Catalogue). It also offers non-print materials, which include over 50 CD-ROM online databases. OTI library is a member of ITLA, a professional association of theological librarians and libraries in India.

Olive Digital Library

The website, otilibrary.org is a fully functional online library of OTI for Theological students, having provisions for:

Accessing URL reference materials by way of articles and essays
Topical search of keywords.
Links to related hard cover books and videos.
Ease of use through an attractive and user friendly GUI.


OTI Library has a growing collection of online books on CD ROMs. They include theological books, encyclopedias and general books. OTI has an in-house digital library with access to over 10GB of soft data comprising of pdfs, videos, audios etc. It also includes a good collection of theological books in eBook form.


OTI library provides computer lab facility for students on a ratio of 5:1. The computers are internet enabled and provides for accessing the Olive Digital Library, CD ROMs and other resources on the internet.

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