Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Samuel


I am reminded of the story of a father and son who arrived in a small town looking for an uncle whom they had never seen. Suddenly, the father, pointing across the marketplace to a man who was walking away from them, exclaimed, “There goes my uncle!”

His son asked, “How do you know when you have not seen him before?”
“Son, I know him because he walks exactly like my father.”

Yes, if we walk in the Spirit, the world should know us by our walk!

At OTI, we believe that we are not only to point people to Christ, but we are to walk with one another, be good examples to each other and teach one another, and more so, mentor one another toward genuine Christlikeness of character. Our Christian journey does not end in our being justified, but continues in a lifetime of increasing formation into likeness to Christ. Therefore, our task is twofold. We train our students to:
1. Compassionately and lovingly share Christ’s love to others
2. Lovingly and intentionally engage in leading others into christlikeness of character and lifestyle.

OTI was birthed in 1983 by late Mr. K. V. Cherian who responded to the need to make Christ-like disciples for India. Over 2000 alumni are making a significant difference in the lives of our people across the country.

At OTI, we have a holistic approach to theological education which integrates the head (cognitive), heart (spiritual) and hands (service), resulting in disciples with a servant heart, sound mind and a sanctified life.

The residential programmes including Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology are offered on our campus in Tiruvalla, Kerala. We also offer an MDiv Programme, specialised in Organizational Leadership and Management in hybrid mode. A one-year Certificate in Theology is offered as an extension study programme at select locations in India.

We are accredited by the Asia Theological Association [ATA]. The tuition fees are kept highly affordable with additional scholarships as well.

It is my joy to invite you to join OTI, discover God’s calling for your life and be equipped to serve the purposes of God in your generation.

Welcome to OTI.

Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Samuel