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At Olive Theological Institute, we believe in fostering a solid network that helps our alumni remain connected and provides an avenue for their mentoring and spiritual assistance. The Alumni Association allows you to share your intellectual, cultural, pastoral, and ministerial experiences with other alumni and current students.

We conduct meetups on campus and online to allow our alumni to reconnect with their classmates and cherish their relationships with the faculty and staff members. Our goal in the Alumni Office is to enable you to remain connected with OTI so that we can foster closer links and help create opportunities for ministry, volunteering, social contact, and philanthropy.

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Alumni Co-ordinator

PR. Thomas AY [9747264525]

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In practical action, we must work together with people to demonstrate Christ’s love and foster a Christ-like nature in them through the work we do for the community. This is only possible through your prayers and support. Please join us!

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