Our Students feedback list

What They're Saying

R. Arya Nath
Olive theological Institute is a serene place to inculcate the values of God in one's life. The campus led a u turn into my life with prayers, teachings, and frequent chapels. It encouraged me to have a missionary minded view with everyday classes. The library is an area where we can find several books to cope up with studies as well as stay tuned with the world too.
R. Arya Nath, M.Div – 2020
Gadde Jashuva
I would confidently say OTI is a watershed in my life. God used OTI as a weapon to mould my life, changed my thinking and perspective towards ministry and helped me to see the ministry in a different dimension. I would always define my life as before OTI and after OTI. Hearty thanks to all the staff and leaders who invested time and resources in my life to become what I'm today.
Gadde Jashuva, B.Th - 2015
Lamgoulen Chongloi
As a result of OTI's help, I was able to finish my B.Th degree and I cannot forget that in my life, OTI was always there for me, no matter what. Moreover, OTI helped me find opportunities to serve God after I completed my studies in various capacities.
Lamgoulen Chongloi, B.Th - 2022
Abhaya Kumar Bishi
The OTI is the foundation for equipping myself in a biblical, spiritual, and emotional manner for the purpose of being a child of God. I thank God for moulding my life through OTI as a manner of a child of God.
Abhaya Kumar Bishi, BTh - 2020
Ambati Varun Kumar
I can strongly say OTI has been the place where I've transformed my life, and it has been a blessing to me. Faculty motivated, encouraged, and supported me in every possible way academically, spiritually, and mentally and made me a useful vessel in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ambati Varun Kumar, B.Th - 2021
Purushottam David Bagh
I learned many things when I was a student in college, especially from the life of our president Dr. George Samuel. He is one of the most inspirational people I have ever encountered, who lives what he preaches. He taught me a "special course on evangelism" that I am applying to my ministry right now. I also remember our director, who taught me to smile even in times of trouble.
Purushottam David Bagh, M.Div-2015
Khuliwo yobin
During my studies with OTI, I was able to have a strong foundation in Christ so that I was certain of my salvation in Christ. My faculties were my spiritual parents who molded and transformed me into being Christ-like. As a result of the discipline, library, and missionary chapel, I have been reshaped into a useful instrument for God.
Khuliwo yobin , B.Th-2020
Thapyuh, Konyak
Olive Theological Institute is the place where I was moulded spiritually. Missionary chapels, mentoring sessions, internship Ministry, and the life of our president sir have motivated, inspired, and enabled me to have a strong faith in God. I wish I could have been at OTI again.
Thapyuh, Konyak, B.Th-2021
Apuroop Sagar Kada
At OTI, I have gained a clear understanding of the traditions of our country in regard to reaching out to people with the good news of Jesus. In addition, OTI has helped me develop a systematic academy level and a disciplined lifestyle.
Apuroop Sagar Kada , B.Th - 2019